About Us

Providence Community School was founded in 1999 by a group of families that wanted to be actively involved in the Christian education of their children. The school continues to be involved in strengthening and encouraging the family. Students are offered the benefit of classroom instruction and the positive aspects of group interaction, while also being able to enjoy home schooling with teacher prepared lesson plans.

PCS creates an atmosphere that encourages students to walk out their faith on a day to day basis. The staff and teachers are committed to working with and supporting the parents in their home schooling and to challenging the students to strive for excellence in all areas. Parents and teachers are required to pursue on-going education through participation in seminars, courses, and conventions: FCCPSA, Growing Families International, Shepherding Your Child’s Heart, Seven Laws of the Learner...just to name a few.

What distinguishes a Community School from a traditional private Christian school? We believe it is the difference in the relationship of the school to the community it serves. In a traditional school, the families who choose to enroll their children form a community. There is not necessarily any other particular bond. Although there may be a general requirement that parents support a Christian education and among the community there may be those who attend the same church or experience like-mindedness on other levels, the primary bond is the school.

In a Community School, however, the community exists first, and the school flows out of and exists to serve the community's needs. One basis for like-mindedness in the community lies in the fact that we are knit together by common convictions about biblical principles relating to marriage, family, parenting and educating our children.

A requirement for families wishing to join PCS is completion of "Growing Kids God's Way" classes and the living out in their homes of the Biblical principles taught in this material. There's nothing magical or exclusive about the Growing Families International curriculum except that it provides an excellent common ground for communicating with each other, and it gives us a common training structure for the children in our community. It enables us to speak the same language", and it gives us an advantage in our understanding of each other.

Although the curriculum is teacher-directed, parents stay intimately involved in their children's education by teaching them at home three days a week (two in high school), and by volunteering their time in the classroom and for other school-related tasks. The amount of volunteer time required depends on the current enrollment and staff size. The thoughts, ideas, and opinions of the parents are valuable to PCS and are actively sought through surveys, evaluations, PTA meetings, etc.

Our Mission

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